Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Dodge County knows how to celebrate Christmas

I have been a reporter and editor for many years and have worked for newspapers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, Maryland, and New Jersey so I have done a lot of Christmas stories.

When I first started covering Dodge County it was for the old West Concord Enterprise and I was mainly concerned with the towns that made up the Triton school district although we also touched on events in Kasson and Mantorville. As I started in September it was only a short while until I came upon my first Christmas in Dodge County.

I realized right away that Dodge County residents are into Christmas celebrations big time. Every town had its own celebration that I like to refer to as “Christmas in… (name your town).” Especially West Concord. They got started early in the morning and continued on into the evening. And Mantorville kept up a similar all day event.

I soon realized that every other town in the county was the same way.

And now, almost a decade later, nothing has changed. If anything the celebrations have gotten bigger.

The point of all this rambling is to encourage everyone to plan on going to one or more of these celebrations this Saturday.

That is the one thing that makes it difficult, especially if you are involved in news coverage. They are all on the same day.

Kasson, Mantorville, Dodge Center, West Concord, Hayfield are all going to have lots of fun things to do this Saturday. I’m already planning on how I can get around to as many things as possible.

Of course a stop at the Methodist Church in West Concord for a donut and coffee first thing in the morning is a given, especially since I drive through West Concord on my way to all the other towns. That will be a bit of a bittersweet event this year, however, as the Methodist Church will be closing the doors after the service on Sunday, December 4. People all over the county have come to count on those Donut Days the church does several times a year.

The good thing is that the donut making equipment is being given to the West Concord American Legion and Auxiliary and the members have been getting lessons in donut making. So, we can expect donuts on Fat Tuesday come the day before Ash Wednesday.

And the church building itself will be used as it is being donated to the city of West Concord. Christmas in West Concord gives a possible look at the building’s future as it is being used this site as the site for numerous events.

If I hurry I should be able to get to Kasson in time for the Christmas parade. After all, Santa will be there. But he is also in West Concord.

Then I will go to Mantorville, and maybe catch the carolers singing throughout the city. Or take a horse drawn wagon ride. Then I can take a selfie with Santa.

Where should I go next, Hayfield or Dodge Center. Dodge Center’s celebration goes until 3 p.m. so I guess I should go there first and maybe take another wagon ride, make an ornament at the Public Library, and see Santa, again.

Then it will be off to Hayfield. Maybe I should eat lunch at the Fire Hall. And play bingo at the American Legion. And see Santa at the Fire Hall.

Okay, it has been a long day. Maybe I will head home. But that means I have to drive through West Concord. That’s okay, I can stop there for the supper put on by the EDA in the Methodist Church basement.

But that still leaves an unanswered question. How does Santa do it?


There is another event I should not fail to mention.

In this case, it is not a city event but one that is put on by a group of volunteers from throughout the county.

Christmas Alive is a telling of the Christmas story through a series of short presentations. It is real people acting out the scenes of Christmas. Last year it had to be a drive-through event because of Covid, but this year it is back as an in-person event.

Stop by 64961 230th Ave., Kasson, between 6 and 8 p.m. on Friday, and 5 and 8 p.m. on Saturday, to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s a non-denominational event, there will be refreshments and all monies raised through a free will donation will go to the Dodge County Food Shelf.




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