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Triton offers students paths to college credit, careers

One of the goals of the Triton Public Schools is that all students who graduate are well prepared for life after high school. One program to accomplish that goal is offering concurrent classes – classes taught at Triton and if they are successfully completed offer the student not only high school credits but also college credits.

“We want all students to be prepared for life after high school,” said High School Principal Luke Lutterman, “whether workforce, trades, military, or more education.”

The concurrent program, he said, is offered with the partnership of three colleges: Minnesota State University-Mankato, RCTC, and Riverland. A student has the potential to graduate from Triton with 46 college credits. The courses, Lutterman said, are not just for those students who plan to complete a four-year college degree. The credits, he said, meet basic requirements for college and a variety of higher education programs.

The program has grown every year that it has been offered, he said,

Not only are students excited about the program, but so are the teachers.

The concurrent classes are separate from the PSEO classes that Triton students can also take, in that the classes are taught at Triton High School and taught by Triton faculty members as opposed to attending classes at RCTC.

The majority of the classes are offered for juniors and seniors, Lutterman said, although one or two are available to sophomores. College level classes available include English, algebra, some science, and technical math needed for some certification programs, he said. Introduction to Education is a new class being offered this year, he said, for students interested in going into teaching.

There are currently 10 teachers certified to teach the concurrent classes.

Lutterman said the concurrent credits are accepted by Minnesota public colleges and universities as well as many private colleges in the state. Credits have also been accepted by non-Minnesota colleges, he said.

In addition to the concurrent and PSEO classes, the district is also offering Triton Cobra Academies to students that are rigorous, relevant, and career focused.

These academies offer students a change to explore career fields in areas including agriculture, food, and natural resources; arts, communications and information systems; business management administration; engineering, manufacturing, and technology; health science technology; and human services. Students can graduate with an Academy Medal and certificate by completing the required coursework and an approved Senior Project/Capstone Career Experience.

For the academies the district has partnered with Circle Drive Manor, CHS, Ellingson Companies, Fairview Care Center, Jostens, Mayo Clinic, McNeilus and McNeilus Steel, Inc.




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