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Triton student aims to help band with Senior Project

As the time approached when Triton High School student Logan Tufte had to decide on his Senior Project, he was undecided about what to do. He knew it was an important decision as the year-long project is a graduation requirement in the district.

He did know one thing, however, and that was he wanted to do something unique, something not done before. It was then it was suggested to him that he take on a project that would help the Triton Music Department, specifically the band. The idea was to collect unused instruments that would be donated to the school to help young musicians. The project was a natural for Logan as he is a member of the Triton band, playing among other instruments, the tuba. He also plays trumpet, trombone, and euphonium.

He knew from his own experience that a good instrument is essential. And he also knew that there are likely many instruments being unused. Parents purchase an instrument for their child when they begin to take lessons but when the student quits playing or graduates from high school many of those instruments are put away and never used again. Or, he said, they may have been school-loaned instruments that were never returned.

With those thoughts in mind, his Senior Project began.

Logan and Band Director Christine Deetz have applied for a grant that will provide funds to allow him to work with an instrument repair company to ensure the instruments are in good condition. They will then be donated back to the school band program.

“It would be a great community achievement to offer these to Triton students who would like to experience the excitement of learning to read music, play an instrument, and be involved in a positive group at Triton High School,” Logan said.

Logan said he has already made a presentation before the Triton School Board and they have been supportive of the project.

His next step, Logan said, is to collect instruments during Homecoming Week. On Friday night, September 29, he will be at the high school before the game, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., to accept any instruments people would like to drop off. Arrangements will also be made for instruments to be dropped off at the high school office.

He added that although he is planning for a specific collection event before the Homecoming game, instruments will be accepted throughout the school year.

To help raise awareness of the project, he said, National Fleet Graphics is making a banner to place by the school so people can see it when driving by. A Rochester TV station is planning on interviewing him live before their evening local news next week.

Because it is a unique project, Logan said he really has no idea how successful it will be. While he can picture himself in a sea of instruments, he said he realizes he may or may not collect a large number. Still, he said, no matter how few or how many instruments are donated the project will be a success.

The school will benefit from the addition of instruments and Logan said he has already learned much about organizing a project and promoting it.

He said he is doing something that has never been done before, planning an event, emailing people about the project and “putting myself out there.” What if this becomes and event every year, he said. “What if I start something.”

Logan said he had always thought it would be fun to play the tuba. He started on trumpet in Middle School and after two years switched to the baritone. Then, when a tuba player was needed, he was able to play the instrument he had first thought about.

He said he has been in Honor Band for the past two years, has played in the Jazz Band, was on the Student Council last year, performed in school plays and is trying out for this year’s fall musical, is a part of the Link Crew, SADD, and president of the Honor Society.

His plans for after graduation, he added, are still undecided.



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